Medgate is an industry leading Environmental Health and Safety software solution used by human resource and health and safety professionals. Medgate's software enables an organization to track, manage, and analyze Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) workflows and processes. Users are able to track performance and identify risks, trends and problem areas with key metrics. During our initial engagement, we were tasked to supplement this original web application by pairing it with a user-friendly mobile extension of the original software.

Our Challenge

The goal of this project was to empower individuals workers to become involved with their own EHS needs through an intuitive mobile application. Users will be tasked with completing a brief series of weekly questionnaires about their workplace environment. They will also have the ability to submit and track personal health and safety requests for their workplace. As a result, our key design methods were based upon simplicity, engagement, and accessibility. These were necessary as the target user group is derived from a wide range of backgrounds and technical competencies.

Project Outcomes

The final concept proposed was a mobile application leveraging best-practice mobile patterns. Large, colourful targets along with familiar navigation elements afforded quick user onboarding as well as provided a sense of security for users while interacting with the application.

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