Chris Spaidal

About Spaidal Design

Christopher Spaidal

Chris is a UX/UI Designer with a drive to create beautiful digital experiences. During his senior year at Carleton University's School of Industrial Design in 2014, he discovered a passion for blending digital and physical interactions while completing his fourth year thesis project. Recently, he spends time designing cutting edge web/mobile products for companies like Adobe, AT&T (Quickplay), iQmetrix, and Samsung.

Personal Philosophy

Chris holds the belief that success and creativity are best fostered by those who are passionately curious. It is this curiosity that leads him to constantly seek out new adventures and experiences; from travelling the world, to participating in adventure sports and keeping up with the latest tech trends. Living by these values builds empathy, diverse and unique skillsets, and inter-personal skills, all central elements to User Experience Design.

Work Philosophy

As an extrovert and a passionate collaborator, Chris believes that the best experiences are the ones shared with others. He is focused on the development of psychologically safe teams and relationships and believes this is the key to fostering healthy, collaborative work environments.Learn more