Callminer Speech Analytics


CallMiner Speech Analytics is industry leading speech data analysis software. Call centres world-wide make use of Callminer to gather key business intelligence and to automate the call process by listening to every customer interaction. The project goal was to create an extension for the original Callminer app. The app would employ dictation analysis to create a map of key words and phrases spoken during a conversation, how those words are spoken (e.g., acoustic information) and their context. The data is then gathered and organized into a visualizer style display.

Our Challenge

The key goal of this project was to allow customers to gather valuable insights about their progress easily and efficiently. As a result, meaningful, organized visuals and intelligent filters were the driving factor of initial design concepts.

Project Outcomes

The final concept proposed was a simple graphical interface with a variety of filters and settings. The user is presented with a summary graph which displays an overview of all calls made in the organization. Administrators are then able to drill down into each category to view more detailed information. The application will highlight key data points that do not match general call trends. This can be used to see if representatives are achieving their goals, falling behind or exceeding above expectations. These valuable insights can be used to create positive change within the organization, for customers and representatives alike.

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