CaseWare Inc. is a company that sells software solutions for accounting, auditing, financial and risk professionals. Currently supplying five main software products, we were tasked with creating an update for their core product, Caseware IDEA. CaseWare software is used in 130 countries globally today.

Our Challenge

During our engagement, Caseware challenged us to create a substantial add-on to their current IDEA software application. Termed Caseware Visualizer, it would enable data analysts to take a large set of information (in spreadsheet form) from the original IDEA application and transform it into an intuitive and effective graphical interface. Users would have the ability to view the data in "dashboards" that have a number of preset view styles for the data set entered. From this point, the application will identify trends and outliers in the information that may be interesting to the user. In additional, if the user has sufficient privileges, additional functionality will allow for dashboards to be built and configured for other users.

Project Outcomes

A set of high-fidelity wireframes were created for this deliverable. Simplicity, organization, and discoverability were key principles leveraged during the design phase. This allowed us to create an experience that enticed the user to explore the data in a unique and engaging manner. Considering the dense quantity of information consumed by the analysts, we were given the opportunity to present dashboards in multiple segments, each with a specific focus on a key user goal. Finally, the ability for the UI to be customizable was key to the user experience. Multiple toggles and inputs were added to afford effortless data manipulation for each visual.

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Video courtesy of Caseware Inc.