Founded in 2010, Ascaro Racing (previously AVR Motorsports) is a racing team based out of Ontario, Canada. They specialize in preparing and racing open-wheeled vehicles in the Formula 1200 and 1600 classes.

Our Challenge

We were approached by Ascaro during their team transition from their previous identity of AVR Motorsports. Ascaro was looking to update their brand with a fresh, modern logo for print, web, and car decals. The new design was to consider the team's Canadian identity as well as work well with existing car styles and the teams attitude.

Project Outcomes

The final concept delivered was a series SVG logos and concepts. The design incorporates abstracted company initials (AR) with visual imagery used in the racing industry. The artwork incorporates clean, straight lines with sharp edges/angles to symbolize team attributes of aggression and speed.

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Video courtesy of Kevin Deevey