Taltitude is a modern recruiting and social collaboration startup. As the online hiring process becomes a standard for many, Taltitude's goal is to blend the experience of social platforms with the hiring and recruiting process. This gives job seekers the ability to showcase their true desires and passions to their networks and potential employers. For recruiters and businesses, active social collaboration encourages users to participate naturally, limiting profile curation and providing a clear image of the candidate in question.

Our Challenge

Our main challenge was to design a tool that created a balance between control and visibility. As the target users for the application were based around three demographics, we had a unique responsibility to design an ideal user experience for each use scenario:

Hiring managers:
Were required to search for and quickly identify high class talent. The concept of a "talent funnel" was a key metaphor while designing the filter and search UI.
Have the ability to view candidates and pass on their selections to Hiring Managers for further vetting and interviews. Communication features such as direct messaging and status tracking were of high value to this user group.
Must have a desire to create personal profiles and discover and participate in engaging social groups. In turn, users with engaging, high quality content would be selected for job opportunities.

Project Outcomes

The final deliverable for this project was a set of over 100 pages of high fidelity ux wireframes and assets. User empathy was key while designing this project to ensure each user group was accounted for. In addition, we closely communicated with development partners to ensure a seamless transition from concept to completion.

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