RQmobile is a modern mobile Point of Sale tool for Wireless & Telecom Retailers. It is a native tablet application that allows store Sales Reps to interact with customers from anywhere on a sales floor. The app can access store inventory, scan a customers products to checkout, and take payment.

Samsung Experience Stores

As a telecom retailer, Samsung approached iQmetrix to create a cutting edge version of RQmobile specifically for sales reps in their North American experience stores.

Samsung experience store


When reimagining a point of sale for Samsung, the primary challenge was allowing their Sales Reps to be fully mobile on the sales floor. Whether interacting with a customer, scanning up a product, or taking a payment. This project was greatly impacted by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we were required to think about interesting features like touch-less payment opportunities and customer queuing.

Project Outcomes

The finished product consisted of a React-based mobile app that could be deployed on both Android and iOS. It is currently in beta in a number of Samsung Experience stores in the US and Canada.

Checkout flow

RQmobile payment flow 1
RQmobile payment flow 2
RQmobile payment flow 3
RQmobile payment flow 4

Additional Features

Web app layout

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