iQmetrix HUB is a RMS (retail management system) front end interface that allows clients to control a variety of features that exist within the iQmetrix suite of retail products. It caters to multiple industries from Telecom (Telus, Rogers, or AT&T) to cannabis dispensaries, to restaurants. At a high level, HUB enables its users to create and manage products within their product catalog, view orders and sales, and view a variety of reports and analytics metrics.


As a iQmetrix UX Designer, I was tasked with re-imagining the outdated shell of the application; its layout, information hierarchy, and responsive behaviour, to bring it up-to-date with modern web applications.


1. The design process began with a research study focusing on our Inventory Management and Sales Representative users. We interviewed multiple clients that were regular users of our web apps with the goal of assessing content layout priority. We learned that were very specific areas of the app that were more important to a clients flow than others.

2. We sorted commonly used actions into groups based on priority. The hierarchy of these groups within the UI were assessed and multiple mockups were created.

3. A/B testing was conducted to understand which layouts were preferred by clients. A final design was then selected.

Web app hierarchy analysis

Web app layout

Project Outcomes

The final design seen below is currently in the process of being built by our HUB Front End team. These web app hierarchy standards are to be adopted across all new iQmetrix web apps.

Hub design updates 2020

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