The iQmetrix Design Systems is a tool built to help us promote a consistent UX within our suite of products. It allows us to expedite the work of designers, developers, and anyone working on a web application or other digital design within the company. This product was developed by the Design Team at iQmetrix and with active collaboration from Front-End Development and Product Management disciplines.


As a company with a 20 year history of building enterprise software products, new development for web, Android and iOS, and desktop Widows platforms is always in progress. As a result, the level of effort to establish a consistent UX experience for our users was growing with each new app built. The iQmetrix Design system was an attempt at solving this issue by creating a universal set of design standards and atomic components that the company could use for each new feature. Like the lego to a lego set, these components would be plug and play, allowing for increased agility in the design process and simplified front end development.

Project Outcomes

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As a living product, the iQmetrix Design System houses a set of Design Patterns, a Figma UI Kit, and detailed component specifications. The system is constantly in flux with each new project deliverable and can grow organically as required. To date, this system has been invaluable to help us build with agilty and create consistency for our users.

A Detailed Pattern Library

iQmetrix Pattern Library design sytem

In Depth Component Details

iQmetrix Component details

A Versatile Figma UI Kit

iQmetrix Figma design sytem

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