Founded in 2008, doTerra is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company based in Pleasant Grove, Utah. They specialize in the sale of essential oils and other health and wellness related products. doTerra claims that it employs over 3 million independent distributors for its wellness products. The company refers to these individuals as "Wellness Advocates" and their sales span globally with notable locations in Taiwan, Japan, and Australia.

Our Challenge

Following rapid Wellness Advocate enrolment, doTerra approached us with the task of creating a web-based learning management software (LMS). Their goal was to empower their teams by providing them with customized sales strategies and product knowledge. As a multi-level marketing corporation, the organization consists of multiple downlines (sales groups). These groups work to compete with one another to earn rewards and bonuses. As a result, our goal was to create a product that was both educational, simple to use, and yet provided a private space for teams to collaborate on sales techniques.

Project Outcomes

The final deliverable consisted of a web based application with two parts. Firstly, a front end LMS service and second, a content creation back end element. The front end of the application provided east to access training classes, tutorials, and videos that can be consumed by the user. Each session will be tracked by the application and the users progress will be saved and scored. Gamification techniques were leveraged to make the use scenario both enjoyable and educational for wellness advocates. The content creation back end of the site provided a "wordpress" like experience where users were able to write, edit, and post content for their downline to view. Simplicity was key here as individuals with a wide variety of technical competencies were interacting with these features.

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