Derse is a leading face-to-face marketing consultant, agency and exhibit builder. Their goal is to align a companies marketing efforts with broader business strategies. This is achieved by providing ad tracking and analytics, architectural and graphic solutions, and program management tactics. We were tasked with designing a new mobile/tablet application that will be Derse's primary face-to-fact marketing analytics software.

Our Challenge

The intent of this project was to allow an organization to gather, store, and manage leads during a trade-show style marketing event. The application will gather data about potential customers that enter the booth (their company, contact info, etc) and will also alert the booth owner if a repeat/important customer enters the area. The owner can then use on-board marketing aids and visuals to supplement the sales interaction while recording notes simultaneously. A second challenge tackled during the design phase was the brand-ability of the product. As the application will be used to represent multiple organization, it was critical that the UI was dynamically skin-able and customizable, with the ability for customers to add their own visuals and brand identity options.

Project Outcomes

The final deliverable was a set of medium fidelity wireframes outlining a responsive app for both tablet and mobile. As the application has multiple target users (customers and booth owners), the challenge was to present the user with a clean, straightforward user interface paired with more advanced features that would be revealed upon detection of a user with sufficient privileges.

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